Gift Vouchers

We offer 2 types of voucher. The National Garden Centre Gift Vouchers we both sell and accept. They are available in denominations of £5, £10 and £25.

We also sell our own vouchers in any denomination. These are available either electronically, we are able to take payment over the telephone and email you the voucher, or we will produce a voucher card according to preference.

Pots & Planters

We stock a wide range of terracotta, ceramic and stone pots.  We generally stock a range of sizes, but if you need more, or bigger than we have, we can order from our suppliers.


Oak Barrels, Water Butts and Planters

Oak Barrels are water tight too so you can use them as a water feature, if you want to plant in them they will need to have drainage holes drilled.

We offer a local delivery service which we make a small charge for.  We are flexible regarding delivery times and will be able to deliver at a time which is convenient to you.


Decorative aggregates come in carry sized bags at £6.50 each, or 3 bags for £16.00.

Scottish Pebbles are £8.00 a bag or 3 bags for £20.00.

We sell a wide variety of sizes of bags including compost, aggregates and fertilisers, some can be quite heavy and we are always happy to help by putting these bags straight in your car for you.  Please don't hesitate to ask.

Garden Supplies

A range of accessories and sundry items from hanging baskets, plastic pots, feeds, fertilisers, canes, tree stakes to veg trugs and soil testing kits plus much much more.


We supply hardwood logs by the net. We also stock kindling wood.

Prices are for collection from the nursery. 

  • Hardwood Net £5.50
  • Kindling Net £5.50