Planted Hanging Baskets & Containers - Made to order

We make and sell a range of both summer and winter baskets and containers. All of which are hand made on the premises and can be pre ordered.

We produce around 700 hanging baskets for the summer season, and try to make sure that there are some available to buy 'off the peg' though pre ordering is recommended.

All of the prices below are for mixed summer/winter baskets. They are packed full of plants and put on a great show all the way through the season when watered well and deadheaded regularly.


Generally summer baskets will include some if not all of the following plants depending on the size of basket: Zonal & Ivy Leaf Trailing Geraniums; Bedding Geraniums; Upright and Trailing Fuchsias; a variety of trailing basket plants; Surfinias and trailing Petunias; and Begonias.  Slow Release Fertiliser tablets are included, although your basket will benefit from being fed weekly also.

We are able to cater for specific requests, for example we often produce 'wedding baskets' to order. If you want a specific basket design it is important that these are ordered early to ensure we have the plants available on the nursery.

If you would like to book baskets in for refill or order new baskets, please have these in by 24 April.  We start to make baskets the following week. Baskets are ready for collection after 18th May.

Wall Troughs and Mangers Prices 2022

Wall Troughs Coir Lined

  • Large Iron 24 inch New £51.00 Refill £30.00
  • Large Iron 30 inch New £62.50 Refill £40.00
  • Large Iron 36 inch New £72.50 Refill £47.50
  • Large Iron 48 inch New £95.00 Refill £62.00 

Large Iron Mangers are available in 16, 20 and 24 inch please contact us for prices

Hanging Basket Prices for 2022

Plantopia / Easyfill baskets
  • 12 inch Refill £30.00
  • 14 inch Refill £42.00
Wicker / Rattan Baskets 
  • 12 inch wicker New £29.00 Refill £22.00
  • 14 inch wicker New £33.00 Refill £24.00
  • Trailing Begonias 14 inch £30.00 Refill £22.00
  • Trailing Petunia 14 inch £19.00 Refill £11.00
Coir Lined Classic Baskets 
  • 12 inch Mixed New £24.00 Refill £20.00
  • 14 inch Mixed New £33.00 Refill £29.50
  • 16 inch Trixi / Mixed New £35.00 Refill £32.00
  • 12 Litre Pots New £23.00 Refill £21.00

Winter baskets are made at the end of September and can be ordered at any time for collection in October. 

Winter baskets contain a selection of spring flowering bulbs as well as perennial plants which can be planted in the garden after the spring.