The Nursery is open every weekend from 18 September to 31 October 2021. 

Saturdays 09:30 until 17:00 and Sundays 10:00 until 16:00.

We are taking orders for winter hanging baskets. If you have your own baskets or containers for refilling please bring these in before the end of September.  Orders will be ready for collection from Mid October.  Winter baskets and containers have a selection of Heathers, Cyclamen, Pansy & Violas, Evergreen Foliage and Bulbs to ensure that they give a splash of colour right the way through the Winter months and well into Spring.
We have a wide range of winter bedding plants and perennials for purchase.  This autumn we will be having a sale on our Terracotta and ceramic pots of up to half price.  From early October our next delivery of Trees will be with us and Autumn is an excellent time to plant.  A full list will be available on here once we have them. 

Laurel and Privet available now for hedging while stocks last

Container grown 2 Litre plants approximately 60 cm high. £9.00 each.

Laurel 70 plants available as at 18 September 2021
Privet 19 Plants available as at 18 September 2021


We have Climbers, Ramblers and Shrub Roses. They are very good in the ground and some of the smaller varieties suitable for pots too.

We have a range of Perennials, Hostas, Ferns, Alpines and Agapanthus, all are good for planting out now.  Our stock is changing on a weekly basis.  Please ring us if there is something in particular you are looking for.

Fruit Trees, Fruit Bushes & Ornamental Trees 

We recommend all trees be staked when planting in the ground. Click on the staked tree image to see our tree planting guide.

The Catalogue shows trees we usually stock. Please refer to the availability list for current stock levels.  

Shrubs, Climbers & Bamboos

These are all perfect for planting out now and will be well established plants this growing season.

Deliveries are charged at our standard delivery rates.

Newark, Balderton, Farndon, Fernwood, Coddington, Winthorpe, Elston, Kelham, South Muskham - £10

Collingham, Flintham, Syerston, Long Bennington, Shelton, Stragglethorpe, Claypole, North Muskham - £15

Bingham, Bottesford, Foston, Bassingham, Orston, Sutton on Trent - £20

Honey Bees

If you have a swarm that requires collecting please ring Chris, our Bee Keeper on 07903 914076