Trees, Shrubs & Perennials


Trees and shrubs form the backbone of any garden. A wide range is available for gardens both large or small. From towering trees for a large garden to elegant Japanese Maples for the patio. Traditional Roses and Rhododendrons to architectural Phormiums, we endeavour to cater for all sizes of garden and budget.

All our trees and shrubs are locally sourced and where possible we grow here on site.


We stock a wide variety of trees and shrubs.

Evergreen and deciduous climbing plants are valued for their ability to cover walls, tree stumps, buildings, or to grow through trees and shrubs.

There is a climbing plant for all situations, whether you want to cover the old garden shed or fence or grow a fragrant rose over your door. 


Perennial Plants, Alpines & Seasonal Interest


Perennials aren't the only plants you can use in the garden.  We have a range of Grasses, Ferns and Alpines. Because we are a nursery and specialise in growing, we have both young plants and mature specimens for the patient or inpatient gardener.

Most of the perennials we grow and sell will tolerate our winters and come back year after year. They are a must for any garden and supply year round interest and can be used to create a cottage garden or more contemporary feel.

We pay particular attention to providing a good range of plants which will not only tolerate, but will thrive in shady conditions providing colour and cover in your garden.

We grow a wide range of the most fabulous specimen sized hostas to create an instant effect in your garden or planting scheme. We have been growing hostas for many years and have some great varieties available.

We sell mature specimen plants, these are available in 10, 15 and 20 Litre pots, April to October.