The Nursery is now closed for the Winter and will reopen in March 2018

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Begonia Sutherlandii Bulbils Available from March 2018

We will be dispatching in March 2018 the unusual and very floriferous Begonia Sutherlandii Bulbils ready for planting in a greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill.  They are priced at £5.00 including postage for 20 (min) bulbils.  Growing instructions are included, next year, with the right care, the bulbils will have grown into a parent corm and you will be able to overwinter the corm in a frost free place, ready for an early start the following spring. 

If you would like to order in advance, please drop an email to and I will contact you again in March when they are ready for dispatch to take payment and a delivery address.

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