The Nursery is now closed due to the latest Government Legislation regarding Covid 19

Orders are being taken for delivery and these are charged at our standard delivery rates.

Newark, Balderton, Farndon, Fernwood, Coddington, Winthorpe, Elston, Kelham, South Muskham - £10.00
Collingham, Flintham, Syerston, Claypole, North Muskham - £15.00
If you would like to order by email please include a contact number so that we can call you back to take payment.

See below for up to date availability listings of plants and trees together with current 'News from the Nursery'.

All of the composts and fertilsers we have available for delivery are now listed.

28 March 2020

Fruit & Ornamental Trees 

Our trees have just arrived, please see the list below for prices and availability. We recommend all trees be staked when planting in the ground. Click on the staked tree image to see our tree planting guide.

Latest News from the Nursery - 28 March 2020

Firstly we would like to say thank you to all of our very supportive customers. This last week has been very different for us all and we are very grateful to all of the people that have been in touch and placed orders.  We have now included on the website all of the composts and fertilisers that we have available. Spring is a really good time to make preparations in the garden, fertilising beds and borders and starting to plant hardy perennial plants. 
Along with some work on the greenhouse crops today,  we will be spending time putting more plant listings on the website.  Pictures will be added as time goes on but many outdoor plants are only just starting to show themselves. Keep a look out for our Roses listing - We have a good stock of David Austin Roses of all types. As you would expect they are really healthy looking plants with strong growth and buds. It's a good time to plant roses in the ground.  We will add Perennial plants, Summer Salad crops and Summer Bedding plants also.
It's still much too early to think about putting summer plants out. The night time temperatures are too low and any young plants would quickly die. We are taking orders if you would like to reserve plants that will be ready in May.
We are able to make deliveries, you can order anything that we have, Compost, Fertilisers, Plants, Trees shrubs etc. We will keep the website as up to date as we can and would only deliver to you plants that we would be happy to receive ourselves.
We have had lots of enquiries about Summer Hanging Baskets. We intend and hope to carry on as usual here, with the exception of being open to the public. If you would like to order a summer hanging basket our prices are here, prices are the same as last year. You can email us or call us to book your baskets in. Whether we are able to refill your baskets or make new baskets up remains to be seen in a few weeks time. We will know more then and we don't usually start to make baskets up until late April.
If you would like to order anything for delivery please contact us either by telephone 01636 704013 or by email . We will need to speak to you over the phone in order to take secure payment and arrange delivery. 
Best wishes and thank you for your support, it really is appreciated.
Susan & James 28 March 2020

News from the Nursery - 24 March 2020

Sadly along with many other retailers, the nursery has had to close due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.  Unlike retailers of hard goods we have a growing and perishable crop. We will be here looking after this crop and hoping that we will be allowed to open again as soon as possible. We don't know at this time whether some of our supplies will be available to us, so much is on a day by day and week by week basis.

We have so far potted up Zonal, Bedding, Ivy Leaf Geraniums; Upright and Trailing Fuchsias; Ipomoea, Coleus, Tuberous and Fibrous Begonias; Calibrachoa; Busy Lizzies; Tomatoes Chillis; Peppers; Aubergines; Strawberries and Herbs.

We have had our spring summer delivery of perennials; Roses; Trees; Agapanthus and Shrubs.

If you are interested in summer colour, you don't need to do anything at the moment. Its much too cold to plant anything out and is best left in the warmth of our heated greenhouses. The only things that are safe to plant out are the perennials, Shrubs and Trees. 

We are happy to make local deliveries and these will be at our standard delivery rate. 

Newark; Balderton; Fernwood;  Farndon; Coddington; Winthorpe; East Stoke; Elston; Kelham; South Muskham are all £10. 

Collingham; Flintham; Syerston; Claypole; Long Bennington; Beckingham; Caunton, North Muskham are all £15.

We appreciate that many of you will be thinking about the spring and summer ahead in your garden and we want to reassure you that we are here, potting up and growing on all of the garden favourites. This year we have an excellent and wide range of plants for your garden, greenhouse and for pots & baskets. 

We are able to take orders over the telephone (01636 704013) or by email to Email is preferred because this frees us up to deal with the potting up.  But, if your preference is to speak to someone, please do call us.

Over the coming days and weeks we will work to put on the website details, pictures and prices of the plants that we are growing.  If you would like to have plants delivered, please be assured that we will only bring you the highest quality as we would expect to receive ourselves. Lots of what we have growing cannot be put out until all risk of frost has passed and this will be late May time. We will advise where this is the case. 

Please feel free to email us with any questions you have, we are happy to help and know that getting your spring and summer garden in good shape is important to you, as it is to us.

Best wishes

Susan & James

24 March 2020

Nursery News, Special Offers and Information.

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