The Nursery is open at weekends - Saturday 09:30 until 17:00 - Sunday 10:00 until 16:00

For our seasonal opening hours please see the 'Contact Us' page.

Plants for winter bedding, pots and containers are now in stock including Pansies; Violas, Wallflowers; Hardy Cyclamen and Garden Chrysanthemums.  Next weekend (Saturday 23rd September) we will also have Polyanthus and Primroses.  We have lots of spring flowering bulbs in stock also, and now is a good time to be planting.

We are taking orders for winter hanging baskets and these are made up for collection in early to mid October.  Please let us have your baskets for refilling before the end of September if possible please.  

2018 Nottingham & Derby Balloon Club 40th Anniversary Calendar is on sale at the Nursery £5.00 each

We are selling on behalf of the Nottingham and Derby Balloon Club their 40th Anniversary 2018 Calendars at the Nursery.  They are professionally printed A4 high quality images of the Nottingham and Derby Area including aerial shots of the centre of Nottingham; Trent Bridge and Goose Fair amongst others.

The proceeds from the calendar go to the Balloon Club to help them keep aloft. The Club is a non profit making sports club run by volunteers, membership of the club is open to the general public and you can assist as ground crew and take flights.  The club is looking for new members and offers a three month trial to give you a taster.  If you're interested have a look at the website or call 0115 8541028 or 07944 414123.

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Our tree and shrub area is bursting with variety and choice. We stock over 200 trees, both ornamental and fruit trees, if you are looking for something specific have a look at our stock listing page. Our varieties are selected with small to medium sized gardens in mind. If you are looking for something in particular, we are able to source specific, or mature varieties to suit.

We also stock a wide range of perennial plants which come back year after year and container grown plants can be planted right through the year.

We grow and propagate Hostas and sell mature plants for instant impact. You can almost see them growing in the spring.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Nursery News, Special Offers and Information.

Honey Bees have arrived!

In the summer of 2016 we received our very first swarm of Honey Bees. They're local bees, the swarm was collected from a tree they'd chosen as a temporary residence.  They were put into the hive, given some syrup to keep them fed whilst they checked out their new home and found themselves pollen and nectar supplies.

Our second hive became occupied at the end of May 2017 and we now have 2 hives of very active bees.  We sell local honey at the nursery, the honey we have at present has been collected from bees from Elston, we hope to have nursery honey available this summer.

If you would like to observe the hive, you are welcome to pay us a visit during opening hours and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

If you'd like to know what plants are good to grow for Bees, have a look at our Honey Bees Blog.

Watch the YouTube film below to see what they are up in the middle of August. They are a fairly small colony so theres not that much activity, yet..... The film is playing back at 2x speed.

Our weather station records wind speed and direction; high and low temperatures; barometric pressure and rainfall. Click on the box below to view more information and the historic data we are now recording.

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