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Hanging Baskets ready now

David Austin Roses are now in stock

New for 2018

We have a range of Climbers, Ramblers and Shrub Roses now in stock. They are premium quality plants and would make a wonderful addition to any garden, whether as a gift or a treat.  

The listing below is up to date as at 1 June 2018.  If you are looking for particular variety that isn't here please let us know and we will endeavour to obtain this with our Spring 2019 delivery.

Climbers and Ramblers

  • Albertine - SOLD OUT UNTIL SPRING 2019
  • The Garland 
  • Crown Princess Margareta
  • Falstaff - SOLD OUT UNTIL SPRING 2019
  • The Generous Gardener - SOLD OUT UNTIL SPRING 2019
  • Teasing Georgia - SOLD OUT UNTIL SPRING 2019
  • The Lady of the Lake - SOLD OUT UNTIL SPRING 2019

Ornamental and Fruit Trees

We have a selection of fruit trees available to plant now. All stock is container grown and given the correct conditions would be expected to fruit this season. We select specifically with the smaller town garden in mind and all of our fruit trees are suitable for small gardens. There are lots of trees to choose from, one of our favourites is the family Apple, it has 3 types of Apple grafted onto the one tree so you always have an apple to suit your taste. These are in stock currently for £36.00. Other fruit trees start at £30.00. All of our in stock trees are listed here.

Shrub Roses

  • Imogen
  • The Ancient Mariner
  • Olivia Rose Austin - SOLD OUT UNTIL SPRING 2019
  • Munstead Wood
  • Princess Anne
  • Tranquillity
  • Boscobel
  • Charlotte
  • Golden Celebration
  • Benjamin Britten
  • Winchester Cathedral
  • Brother Cadfael
  • Dame Judy Dench
  • James L Austin
  • Lady of Shalott
  • Queen of Sweden
  • The Lady Gardener

Herbaceous Perennials

We've got hundreds of herbaceous perennials in stock, ready to plant out now. They are all hardy and won't mind being out whatever the weather. Plant now for glorious summer colour. Prices start from £2.

Nursery News, Special Offers and Information.

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