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Seed Potatoes and Onion Sets are now in stock.

Shredder / Chipper For Sale £350

MTD Petrol Garden Shredder 24-463 5HP Briggs and Stratton Petrol Engine

We purchased this in June 2014. We no longer carry out garden maintenance and as such we no longer have a need for this. It has only been used for a very short period of time, maybe only 10 times at the most.

You can clear up fallen or sawn branches and recycle them as garden mulch with the MTD petrol shredder 24-463. Driven by a powerful 5.5hp engine, with both chipper and flail blades, the 24-463 makes light work of shredding branches of up to 7cm diameter and reducing the load on a ratio of 10:1. The chipper/shredder has a drop down hopper that allows you to pick up smaller garden material by raking or sweeping it in at ground level. The MTD shredder 24-463 is petrol driven and has pneumatic tyres so you can take it anywhere on your land.


Allotment Holders!

We are having a clearance sale on our 25kg bags of fertilisers and ground treatments

Sulphate of Ammonia £10 - great for your greens; Garden Lime £8 - important for ph balance where the ground is cropped annually.

Good soil nutrition is important for healthy and productive allotments.

Roses are half price or less!

All roses currently in stock are half price or less to make way for new stock.  There are patio roses, bush roses and climbing roses and they start at £4.50 including the reduction.  We also have some that have lost their labels and we don't know their variety or colour, these are £3.00 each to clear.  They are all really healthy and would love to be planted this spring.  A bargain.


Please come along and help yourself to our once used plug trays, they are excellent for sowing seeds into, we've got plenty!

Nursery News, Special Offers and Information.

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New seeds now in stock

Our seed rack is stocked with Mr Fothergil’s and Unwin’s seeds ready for planting time. There’s lots you can be planting at the moment, in our greenhouse we’ve just sown Sweet Peas and Calendulas.  If you prefer edible produce there’s loads to choose from, we’ve sown Capsicums, Tomatoes and Salad Onions so far.

Begonia Sutherlandii Bulbils Available from March 2018

We will be dispatching in March 2018 the unusual and very floriferous Begonia Sutherlandii Bulbils ready for planting in a greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill.  They are priced at £5.00 including postage for 20 (min) bulbils.  Growing instructions are included, next year, with the right care, the bulbils will have grown into a parent corm and you will be able to overwinter the corm in a frost free place, ready for an early start the following spring. 

If you would like to order in advance, please drop an email to and I will contact you again in March when they are ready for dispatch to take payment and a delivery address.

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