The Nursery is now closed for Winter. We will open again in March. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


Freshly cut and Pot grown British Christmas Trees are now available

All of our trees are British, top grade trees and have been freshly cut.  Many of our customers return year after year because the quality is so reliable. 

We are open 7 days a week from 30 November 2019 and have hundreds to choose from, as well as a range of quality stands. 

Many of our customers now order in advance for collection or delivery in December. We are happy to take orders and payment over the telephone and arrange delivery at a time that is convenient to you, whether that be during the day or in the evening. If you'd like us to contact you to take payment and delivery details, please email and we will call you back. 

Please be assured that we will only supply you with a top quality tree that we would be happy to have in our home too! We are happy to prepare your tree for you by cutting a small piece off the bottom of the trunk, this helps the tree to take up water and ensures it stays fresh. We are also happy to load trees into your vehicle.


Cut Nordmann Fir - Needle Retaining Trees

• 120cm - 150cm - £35.00 Deluxe

• 150cm - 200cm - £40.00 Premier

• 150cm - 175cm - £45.00 Deluxe

• 175cm - 200cm - £50.00 Deluxe

• 200cm - 225cm - £50.00 Premier

• 200cm - 225cm - £65.00 Deluxe 

• 225cm - 250cm - £70.00 Deluxe 

• 250cm - 275cm - £90.00 Premier

• 300cm - 360cm - £150.00 Premier

*Deluxe denotes a fuller shaped tree

Cut Norway Spruce - Traditional Tree

• 110cm - 150cm - £22.00 

• 150cm - 175cm - £26.00 

• 175cm - 200cm - £30.00


Living Pot Grown Trees

Pot Grown Nordmann Fir Trees 

• 100cm - 120cm - £40.00 

• 125cm - 150cm - £50.00

Pot Grown Norway Spruce Trees 

• 60cm - 80cm - £25.00

• 100cm - 120cm - £35.00

• 150cm - 175cm - £45.00 

Local Xmas Tree Delivery Charges

Newark / Balderton / Farndon

Green Rate = £6 (Wednesday or Saturday evening)

Same Day Delivery = £10

Other areas please ask.

Christmas Tree Stands

Stands are recommended, they aren't just an attractive addition, but the correct stand will prolong the life of your tree.

A quality stand will have a reservoir for the trunk to stand in, when the tree is put in the stand and in place, fill the reservoir with water and keep an eye on it over Christmas, topping up with water as required. A cut tree is just like cut flowers and will stay fresh if you look after it.


All of our wreaths are freshly made here at the nursery and are available to collect. 

We supply round Holly and Fir wreaths, and make to order Crosses, Sprays and Hearts. 

We use a preformed moss ring, which when watered will keep your wreath looking fresh. 

We are happy to take orders and can accommodate specific requests where foliage and trimmings are available.  We aim to have these completed for collection within 24 hours after order.  Please ask for details.

• Plain Holly Wreath - £10.00 

• Plain Nordman Fir Wreath - £10.00 

• Holly Wreath with Cones and Berries - £12.00 

• Nordman Fir Wreath with Cones and Berries - £12.00 

• Mixed Holly & Nordman Fir Decorated Wreath From £25.00 

• Crosses - Orders Only - From £12.00 

• Sprays - Orders Only - From £25.00


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