Christmas Trees - What's the difference and how to keep them fresh.

We stock two varieties of Christmas Tree, other varieties are available but we've been selling Christmas Trees for many years and we think that these are the best types. 

The Nordmann is the 'needle retaining' tree, it requires a little care and assistance but if it's looked after it will retain its needles.  The needles of a Nordmann are typically softer than the traditional tree.  The other type we sell is the Norway Spruce, this is the traditional Christmas Tree, it has a wonderful fragrance but copes less well with a warm environment and it is more likely to drop needles.  Spruce trees are excellent for unheated conservatories and porches, or as an outdoor Christmas Tree.

We sell cut trees and pot grown trees.  Cut trees have been felled at the base and will need to be stood in a stand or pot for Christmas, one that can hold water is by far the best choice.  Pot grown means just that, the tree has spent its growing life in a pot and it is a living tree.  After Christmas it can be planted in the garden or potted into a bigger pot. 

Be aware that there is a difference between 'Pot Grown' and trees that are sold as 'Potted'. Potted is a term generally used for trees which have been field grown, dug up for Christmas and put into a pot. This helps to keep the tree fresh over Christmas but the tree is unlikely to have enough root to mean that it will survive if potted on or planted in the garden.


All of our trees come from The Cadeby Tree Trust who grow Christmas Trees throughout Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Scotland.

As our trees are British they can be cut as late as possible so they stay fresher for longer.

Prolong the life of your cut tree, keep it looking fresh and prolong its needle holding ability by following these tips.

As soon as you arrive home, cut 2cm from the base of the trunk and place in water like a cut flower. We are happy to do this for you when you buy the tree, it needs to be put into water soon afterwards otherwise the new wound will heal over again.


Store your tree in a damp, cool, shady place until you are ready to put it up.

To display your tree in your home, place in a water holding tree stand, preferably away from radiators or direct heat and water daily.

When a tree dries out it stops holding onto its needles, indoors is a much warmer and drier environment than it's natural environment, the single most important thing is to make sure the tree gets plenty of water from the base.